Istanbul… the Arabian Adventure

Istanbul, Turkey. 2016, February- Quick Weekend Break

I was flown out to one of the most beautiful cities in the world (in my opinion), for my 19th birthday last year. At this point, you’re probably thinking, What makes Istanbul beautiful?

To begin, the rich culture, the vibrant colours against the muted and deep brown/black work harmoniously in creating a wide colour palette. The eye catching, Islamic architecture that you can’t miss and don’t want to miss is mesmerizing!! The food….. the  mouth-watering FOOD makes you feel complete. (Make sure you try Turkish Tea) Lastly, the people are so warm and welcoming makes you just fall in love with the city more.

Day 1- Saturday

First stop on the agenda was the Grand Bazar (Grand Market), on of the most famous and oldest, markets. This was not your typical everyday market, this was a market that provided you with an experience and took you on a journey. be aware of the traders as they can see you coming are ready to overcharge you, but with a good bargaining talk you will be fine.

Next was the breath taking blue mosque. This was the first time I had ever entered a mosque and it was outstanding. Out of respect you had to ensure that you were dressed appropriately to enter, if not they would loan you some attire to wear as you walk around; along with a bag to place you shoes in. I was lost for words… as I walked in.. I was not prepared for the beauty I was about to see. Details hand crafted tiles, down to the carpet and architecture, this was any Textiles Students dream. Across the road was a small museum about the town we stayed in with some painting and photography.

The evening was brought to close by going to watch a traditional Turkish spiritual showcase of whirling dervish.

Day 2- Sunday

My birthday was a day for the records, we took a boat trip down the Galata bridge where East meets West, one side of the river is in Europe and the other is in Asia. Then the last stop was to the Spice bazar (Spice Market) where they sold fresh spices, fresh Turkish delight and more food related items. As you walked in the sweet and spicy smells hit you in the face an enticed you in.

Spice Bazar


As an aspiring textiles artists, i used this trip as the foundation in creating my final major project for my foundation is art & design.The main theme of the project was history repeating itself within the city.The decline of the ottoman empire and the recent bombings in Istanbul vs the beautiful colours, patterns and the rich culture that the city holds.

Development 4
Initial quick sketches

Devlopment 5

Development 1
Development 2
Colour sketches

Development 3MaskMind MapPics

Final Major Project piece inspired by Istanbul

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